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The Micro-Farm

Our unique production methods goal is to grow over 30 different microgreens, 100 rare herbs year-round. The goal is to grow to order and deliver directly within just hours of harvest.

A pioneer in the “farm-to-plate”, The Apothecary Farm sits on one and a half acres and provide Micro-green CSA, Plant-based CSA , herbal CSA shares as well as Apothecary Farm shares that include our organic and natural products.

Plant-based CSA- Fresh ingredients delivered. The convenient way to get fresh herbs and sprouts. Good for the Planet. Eat What You Love. Good for You. Ridiculously Flavorful. Free Shipping. Completely Convenient.

Herbal shares CSA Shares-

Herbal CSA, a box of homemade herbal goodness every other month throughout the growing season from March to December.  Shares might include dried teas, one-of-a-kind herbal honeys, vinegars, oxymels, tinctures, salves, elixirs, flower essences, hydrosols, adaptogenic seasonings + more.  Each box will be attuned to the season of its flourishing, as well as to particular body systems.  Each share will include an illustrated zine delving deeper into the plants and processes of the season.

All plants grown with loving care + organic practices in our small garden, honoring the limited resources and medicinal potency.  Each product is homemade + small-batch.

Using the latest research in plant science and herbalism to guide its formulas, The Apothecary Farm focuses on using the whole plant (as opposed to an extraction or derivative). Each ingredient is raw and unrefined with no chemical solvents used during the production and manufacturing process.

Apothecary Shares

A subscription-based “Wellness CSA” offering homegrown herbal products, monthly Herbal based classes, and monthly treatments.


We started The Apothecary Farmacy. In 2019 with the vision to grow rare, interesting, unusual herbs and find creative ways to use them. In 2020 we began, using the new technology of vertical farming our experimental farm served a limited group.

MICROGREEN CSA-We grow to order for our weekly delivery consumers. These are what we can grow  especially for you.

    • Celery 3 to 4 weeks
    • Cress 2 weeks
    • Cilantro 4 to 5 weeks
    • Basil 3 to 4 weeks
    • Opal Basil 3 to 4 weeks
    • Broccoli 2 weeks
    • Brussels Sprouts 2 weeks
    • Kale 2 weeks
    • Radish 2 weeks
    • Wasabi Mustard 2 weeks
    • Mizuna Mustard 2 weeks
    • Broccoli 2 weeks
    • Swiss Chard 3 to 4 weeks
    • Sunflower Shoots 3 to 4 weeks
    • Buckwheat 2 weeks
    • Arugula 2 weeks
    • Cauliflower 2 weeks
    • Red Cabbage 2 weeks
    • Red Beet 3 to 4 weeks
    • Purple Kohlrabi 2 weeks
    • Endive 2 to 3 weeks
    • Turnip 2 weeks
    • Tatsoi 2 weeks
    • Rutabaga 2 weeks
    • Pak Choi (Bokchoy) 2 weeks
    • Fennel Florence 3 to 4 weeks
    • Fenugreek 3 to 4 weeks
    • Dill 3 to 4 weeks
    • Komatsuna 2 weeks
    • Amaranth 2 weeks
    • Chervil 3 weeks
    • Onion 3 weeks
    • Pea Shoots 3 weeks
    • Nasturtiums 3 weeks
    • Borage 2 weeks
    • Carrot 2 weeks
    • Collards 2 weeks
    • Chickpeas 3 to 4 weeks
    • French lentils 2 weeks

    Weekly Delivery – $25 per flat

    This price is available with a regular weekly Friday  delivery of 1 full flat. Mix and match 6 of your favorite Microgreens to create your flat. We will grown them especially for you.

    Full flat – $25.00 

    8 x 8- $11.00

    Sample size – $7.00

    $50.00 minimum

    FRIDAY delivery is available with a minimum order of 1 full flat.