The Apothecary Farmacy

Victorian Apothecary

British American Apothecary Shops

Early in the period, Apothecaries were considered doctors as not only did they prepare medicine and remedies for patients, but they also treated patients, dressed wounds and performed minor surgeries for a fee. Apothecaries are trained to recognize the many plants used in preparing medicines and are responsible for keeping the necessary herbs and learn the formulas to create remedies as well as make them. Medicines found in the apothecary are made from plants, berries, roots and barks and in many cases are actually grown by the apothecary himself.


American Apothecary Shops

Apothecaries were popular until the early decades of the 20th century. They contains dried herbs, spices, drugs, and labeled glass apothecary bottles from the nineteenth century, as well as early patent medicines, medical equipment, cosmetics, and a collection of barbers’ razors. The compounding room had copper distilleries, and percolator.