Path of Purposefulness

Spiritual Laws have many applications. Learn the Level 2 thinker applications of Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Exodus 20:3-5 King James Version. If God’s purpose for you is to get you on the right path and into the promised land. Any other paths and any other strange lands you find yourself in are considered a god in your life.

The second principle of purposefulness is to not put any other path before your path of purpose. I thought it was so important that I called my blog and podcast by the same name, Path of Purposefulness. Yes, Purposefulness must be at the forefront and be number one. Although I have always had Purpose, over the years I was seduced by all the pitfalls that proffered their wares in front of my face. There were moments when I stumbled for a few steps on the Path but got right back on track.

Purposefulness Teacher

My philosophy on life is to explore and find joy in things that are meaningful to me. It may not be the thing you think is valuable. If you think money is important then you are probably going to be disappointed with what I have to say. Yet if you consider relationships important, then how much more will your life improve? The pursuit of pleasure is a pursuit of death. The pursuit of power is a pursuit of death. The pursuit of possessions is a pursuit of death… but in each pursuit, there is an equal and opposite pursuit that strives to keep you from becoming lost in self-indulgence and self-absorption, and that pursuit of purpose is life.

A principle of purposefulness I learned is what we do with the time we have. Your pursuit is how you spend your Time and Time is often our most valuable resource, so if you, as an individual, are capable of putting in the effort required to reach your goals, then you can pursue the path of purpose. As a level 2 THINKER, your goal is to bring as many people as possible along with you on your adventure into the path of POWER. You may not ACKNOWLEDGE it but no matter where you go or what you do in life, pleasure or pain are the driving factor. Purpose is what creates position and possessions. Pleasure and pain are the steering wheel to the next level in success or your downfall.

We are all products of our past, both good and bad. Our lives are driven by circumstances and the choices that we make. The path of PURPOSE can be found by paying attention to these choices and their effects upon you. Every choice you make impacts someone else in some way, either positively or negatively. What you choose to do with your life affects the future. Choosing to do something different today could well determine whether you enjoy what you do tomorrow. As the old adage goes ” Good things come to those who wait.” If you want to experience the best in life you must be willing to learn how to become a THINKER.

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