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This book is a gem. I was uplifted and inspired by her journey of faith and how she found the courage to keep on going with Christ at the center of her life.

The biblical foundation of the bookMy prayer is that people will be drawn to and enabled by these powerful words of encouragement found in this book. (Read it cover to cover, page by page—sometimes again!). As the author wrote: “She surrendered to God.” We can find encouragement If we can tap into the thoughts of others as we are inspired by their lives and the lessons they have learned, then nothing can stop us from growing in faith and testimonies of Christ.

This book was written to help people learn how to create perspectives and see things differently. It is a helpful resource for anyone who struggles with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. This book was written to help people understand that life struggles can be overcome by learning how to have a positive perspective on life.

Coming to the table of grace hungry, ready, and expectantSometimes Life Backs You into a Corner, author Lisa Shockley shares her story of hitting rock bottom and then having a total turnaround in her. In this book, you will learn how to trust God and see Him work miracles in your life. You will become inspired by the author’s personal story of survival and transformation. Lisa has overcome tremendous obstacles and has learned valuable lessons along the way. Now she wants to share with you what she learned so that you can avoid pitfalls.

“Sometimes life backs you into a corner where nobody can help you but God. That’s where I was. I called on Him, and he answered me. And as I slowly began to trust him with my life, He began manifesting things in my life. Now I totally trust Him with my life. “

List Shockley

My Review of the book “If you are looking for a book to help you grow in your faith, then Pastor Lisa’sThe Story Behind My Praise: Growing Up in God this is the book for you. It will strengthen your testimony and it will give you courage when faced with trials. This book will benefit everyone, regardless of age or background.” T.S. Cherry


My Praise: Growing up in God is a must-read. This book tells of Lisa’s life, she starts off sharing some of her experiences with God and continues on to what God has done in her life over the years. She is now raising a family rooted and grounded in Christ. Lisa is transparent, sharing ways in which she has made mistakes and how God has helped. Prepare for the blessing of reading her book, Growing up in God, A book that will touch your heart so you can provide an environment unlike any other for raising a child. Check out the book at

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