EDITED TRANSCRIPT OF MEETING. The beginning of the meeting did not record. We tried to recap the beginning of the meeting.

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Okay, we were talking for about 15 minutes. I will try to recap what we went over while the recording was not on during the Meeting.

we were, we were talking about being able to see the picture. And let’s see what was the Bible verse that we

came to. This is our first time using this softwear. So, forgive us as there will be a little bit of a learning curve. So, for those who was not taking notes. Your notes for this meeting will be incomplete.

I was looking at a Bible verse, you got to bring it back up. But I was trying to just explain what Christ was trying to get people to see was the bigger picture. So if you’re looking at the seventh heaven perspective, he’s trying to get you to see it from a bigger picture.

So in Mark 11:21, it says, There is one body and one spirit, even as he are called in one hope of your calling. And I was just trying to explain the one body that he’s talking one body, the one body is an expression where he’s trying to elevate your understanding, to help you understand that one body is not a he’s not talking about your physical body, he is talking about one body.

it’s like taking a camera lens and widening the focus of what you can see, he’s trying to get them to see the bigger picture of what he’s saying. In other words, we can compare the body, to having an ear , nose and throat doctor, an ob gyn, and a eye doctor. They all work on ONE thing…the body. But they all have a focus within the body. But, to be the most effective doctor you understand how the whole body works and impacts different parts of the body.

In the same way. Christ is trying to explain to you that the physical realm as just one body. If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. He’s not speaking to your physical arm. He is talking about the arms within our society. ( Your arm contains the muscles that work together to allow you to perform all sorts of motion and task) as it is for your Physical arm, so it is for the arm of mankind.

Whether you have whether you’re studying one thing or another, whether you’re studying geology or whether you’re studying oceanography, it doesn’t matter, it is all the study of one thing the physical creation; ,the physical realm, exist on one platform

Everybody that has something that you can touch, something that is physical , something that is considered matter, that is all one REALM, it is all connected in that way, we are all one. We are not individuals, we are all one… we are mankind.

We are all one and we are all interdependent of each other. In other words we need each other. The trees needs Carbon Diaxide from us and we need Oxygen from trees..


We begin to realize that in this we are all in inter connected and interdependent. That is what makes US one Body. That means the animals, the trees, EVERYTHING in the Physcial is all connected to each other.

One of the things we found out the hard way is when you cut down the Trees, in the rainforest. Because the rain forest serves almost as a filter in the body , like your liver. When they began to cut down the rainforest, they begin to realize very quickly the impact on us and the plant. That was a reason why they began to replant treesin the Rain Forest.

And so in understanding how the toxic filter works, and understanding how everything works, together, we begin to understand and see things from CHRIST perspective. So when Christ comes to restore you, he comes to give you the answers to everything. That’s what he says, I come to give you the understanding or KEY to LIFE. So Christ is explaining to you a higher level of understanding, not the lower level of understanding, The lower level of understanding what given by Abraham. Christ is explaining to you from LIFE from the perspective of the heaven. The 7th heaven to be exact. He’s explaining to you how life works.

That’s one of the things we look at and so when we get away from the narrow view from the world or from the government. Who don’t understand how everything works together, and YET insist they be in charge. These are teachers of the Federal Law and it is killing us.

He wants us to understand how everything works together. Becuase the lack of understanding is destroying the planet, and us.

This is not the first time this is happening. So what we see is a destruction of mankind. When we look a Jacob’s Ladder from the 7th Heaven perspective. What we see is the destruction and rebuilding of not just Mankind but the Earth.

When we look at the pyramids and see, the previous generations had more knowledge than we have today. Yet, there knowledge didnt save them when the wrong leaders were put in charge.

The prervious generation of civilizations were cast down, and they lost all the knowledge. So what you see is the Torah explaining to you NOT just about the moral failures, though that is a level of issue, it is trying to explain to you the bigger picture; from the perspective this would be the underlying disease that’s causing the body to fail. And that is the descending of mankind, how mankind went from the level they were on, which is having knowledge of everything to the to the level where the knowledge is LOST.

And so that is what the Spiritual Laws are trying to convey in their own unique language. Through the problem in the oceans, through the problems with the weather. There is a bigger problem then GLOBAL WARMING and that is the lack of understanding HOW all things work togther.

God is saying that I am willing to restore that knowledge to you, so that you can change the world and change the way the planet is and change what has to be done. Only if you’re willing to change the direction we are going, if you’re the leader, that’s going the wrong direction with EVERYONE else. Then this message is NOT for you.

If’ve youre not ready to changing lives outside of your tribe, this is not for you. if you are feeding people that’s great, but when I am drowning, I dont need a sandwhich. I need someone who can swim and understands how to get me out of the mess im in.

We need that on a globalscale to make global impact.

Those who can see the bigger problem, which is that we lost knowledge of how everything operates together. Those who can access Heaven and bring SOLUTIONS down.

After it rains, I want you to look in the sky and remember God’s promise. That the WHITE light that is shinning through that pyramid, is a picture of the 7 heavens. Which is the lost languages of each when everyone was on one accord and understand the langugage of HOW ALL THINGS WORK.

God said, the RAINBOW is a reminder that I will not allow man to completely destroy himself again. I will save a remnant of people that have an understanding of CHRIST, a remnant of people that has an understanding of how ALL THINGS work together. And they will be given the tools to be able to restart life.

The crisis come to give the knowledge not to those who who are not going to use it, not to make you feel good, not to help you live your everyday life. But to widen the lens.

Yes, in the beginning, it WAS about you because, if we can’t fix you;

how you think?

How you act?

How you connect?

How to control your emotions?

How to think from the heart?

If we can get you to control your decision making, your actions, and your ability to understand the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

If we can’t get you to understand all those things, then how can you understand the KINGDOM of heaven.

With the knowledge that you have, you are no heavenly good because you are not equipt for the battle we have to fight.

God is calling his top leaders that understand how all things work. If you havent mastered the understand of any of the realms, he cant use you. We are not being mean or Evil but you have not been given the proper armor for this battle. The battle of Christ’s RETURN.

Christ wasn’t being evil when he said, I came for absolutely No ONE. But the lost sheep of Israel , he was focused on who the people wasthat could take them to the next level.

It didn’t mean that he didn’t help others, He even help the Canaanites. And we know for a fact the Canaanites are one of the Tribes responsible for the decline of mankind. And yet he still stopped and helped the cannanie Seed of a WOMAN.

So when we look at things like that, we have to be able to understand It’s not that CHRIST is being evil, it’s that he is focused, he’s focused only on those leaders, that would take his information to the next level.

Yes, some people took that information and turned it into religion. Instead of bringing the LISTENER to the level of the text, they brought the Widsom to their level of understanding.

However, what Christ wants, is not for you to bring the information down to your level of understanding, he wanted you to RENEW your mind, until your thinking is to the level of the Wisdom.

That means you have the answer to all things and all things are not religion. All things are not science, all things are not math. That is the reason why Joseph called the RAINBOW, the coat of many colors. Its not just one color, it’s the answer to all thing. How life operates, how life functions, on every level, he’s trying to get you to understand how things function and how things operate.

That’s the reason for the different perspectives, that is the reason why you have one person that is from one Tribe, and they will see the exact WIsdom from a different perspective. A lawyer will see that information differently from a doctor. And there is a reason for that. And it TRUTH is true on every level, otherwise its NOT TRUTH.

Everybody that can see the WISDOM in their tribal language in order to be able to go to the next level. In other words, there will come a time where we will all be on ONE accord because we are ONE BODY.

ONE TRUTH has the possibility to multiply to be able to feed a lot of people. In other words the RIGHT two people can give you an interpretation that meets the needs of several different languages. This is because ONE TRUTH multiplied in the HEAVENS is 7 x 7 times which means each TRUTH has 49 different applications. That means the same Bible verse can apply any different ways.

That is WHAT Christ is trying to get us to understand about the physical realm. The fact that he get trying to get you to see the Spiritual laws and the abuse of the Spiritual Laws.

Spiritaul Laws doesn’t just apply to your personal life. It applies to the understanding of how life works. and if you reduce EVERTHING down to its lowest form, what you get is slavery.

So if you take the Bible verse, and reduce it down to federal law or religion, it becomes bondage. Here is an example If you take the law of gravity, and you say that it is Unholy to fly and the wicked will be punished by being thrust to the ground. It sounds crazy but a lot of spiritual translations of the law sounds just like that. If we go down that same vein and say that the government controls everything that affects the law of gravity and only the government is allowed to fly airplanes. the results are one and the same. They both abuse power.

If you reduce it down to your level of thinking, you’re going to have a problem rather than understanding.