THICK hair Mask


Pre-Shampoo hair Mask

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“Our first of its kind Farmacuticales pre-shampoo mask; treatment incorporates a breakthrough skin purifying technology that targets an oily scalp.

The unique formula, containing mineral clay and carrots, regulates oil production at the scalp by removing excess oil, healing the scalp,  and feed the scalp, revealing long-lasting, healthy-looking hair. Back in ancient times, the virtues of clay have been used for centuries in cosmetic and therapeutic remedies to absorb sebum, eliminate toxins and serve as an antiseptic.”

This is to be used once a week. Apply to dry hair and leave on for 5-20 minutes. ( 20 minutes for oily hair, 5 minutes for dry hair) This hair mask is a unique looking mask and does have the typical clay smell with an additional perfumed scent.

-Mix with water and let sit for 5 minutes

-Apply with perm brush to the root of the hair

-After applying with a brush just wait. When I am ready to rinse I used the second step below.

-Wash Out


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