6 WOMAN’S WORLD-Reduce Period Flow

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*** All of our products contain a Natural Therapeutic Bio-Enhancer ***
Most Customers notice that they feel better after 2 weeks of using our Mineral-up two times a week.

Mineral Up Healing Bath
Detox. Healing. Restore
Using Natural Ingredients
and ancient herbal recipes in
Homemade Healing Bath Bombs & Oils


About the product
  • reduces heavy period flow with the best combination of Bioflavonoids, vitamin C and other proven menstrual regulating ingredients.
  • reduces heavy menstruation, therefore reducing the need for heavy period panties, underwear, and pads,
  • Period lite heavy period vitamins will help alleviate the inconvenience of excessive boxes of pads and tampons regularly used monthly
  • Helps maintain the proper Estrogen and Progesterone balance. Increase your confidence by reducing those embarrassing moments.


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