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Day 1 of 40 Day Wellness Journey

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Today’s Talk:

Quote: “My parents ate meat once a week growing up and they did’nt consider it a difficult lifestyle choice. It was the only lifestyle choice they have.”

I’ve been using a 40 day wellness plan to get me back on track for the last 25 years. I am about to beginning a new 40 DAY WELLNESS JOURNEY, remember your 40 day’s kickstarts a new lifestyle. I will be blogging & Podcasting so that you can get tips. We will get more detailed as we go.

To get started we discussed and overview of the topics you will need to get started. If you feel overwhelmed don’t worry. We will be breaking down all of these things this week.

1. Walking after Dinner
2. Castor Oil Packs
3. Juice Baths (Take 2 baths 1 day a week )
4. Using a Simple 1 day Menu for 7 days
5. Organic Coffee
6. Organic Teas drank 2 times a day
7. Different lifestyle options- vegan, vegetarian, raw, eating meat 1 day a week, eat 1 ounce a meat daily limit.

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