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6. Hyssop – Respiratory Health

Hyssop has been used since Biblical times as a treatment for bronchitis, colds, and flus. This aromatic plant is great for stubborn coughs, especially when there is congestion present. Utilizing apple cider vinegar and honey, this alcohol free remedy is delicious, and a great option for children.

1-2 drops in your Herbal Bath with 1/2 oz. oil

How much to use varied but stay between 1-4 drops being your max.

Traditional healers recommend Hyssop for relief of respiratory symptoms, states Dr. Steven Bratman, publisher of the book “Collins Alternative Health Guide.” You can also use hyssop tea to relieve an aching throat. Hyssop can function by acting as an expectorant to release the mucous membranes by stimulating the immune system to increase fever and prevent infection.

Drink 2 to 3 cups of hyssop tea from 3 tablespoons of dried herb steeped in a single cup of hot water during the day to relieve cough and cold symptoms.

4 to 5+ minutes is how long you steep herbal tea.

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