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40 day wellness Journey

Whether you are transitioning into a lifestyle or a once-a-year detox in order to be a bit healthier, this is the foundation for all. And then of course, the next thing you will get to learn, is how to treat a sick body, to get yourself healthier and on the right track.

In essence then, the major reasons why you may want to do a 40-day wellness journey, is so you can detox, and then begin to use it as a transition into a different healthier lifestyle.

Everything might seem a little overwhelming at first, but as you begin, you will get to understand how to implement them one-by-one, beginning with correcting your bad habits and behavior.

I have been basically doing this for over two decades. I started it after losing weight for about a year. When I realized that, even though I had lost weight, I still had a lot of the cravings, and I was still toxic, I began to implement a 40-day detox or wellness journey to be able to get myself back on track.

After that, whenever I fell off the wagon concerning health and diet, the simple solution was to begin another 40-day wellness journey to get back on track.

Regardless of how well you’re doing, this is my basic recipe for wellness, for getting back on track, for getting rid of the cravings, and for being able to avoid going into a health crisis.

To learn more you can check out each podcast page and download the 40 day